Katarzyna Kwiatkowska

About me

A brave, talented woman looking for inspiring projects in IT. Hard-working? Indeed. Quick learner? For sure. Creative? Hell, yes!

Check out my resume and call me for a little chat about how I can help your company be successful.


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Katarzyna, if she wanted, would become an astronaut, a president or a pope.

Katarzyna Korcewicz,
businness analyst

With her people skills, Katarzyna is a great manager who is capable of transmitting the knowledge she has to her employees. She makes sure you grow professionally as you work with her and even if she tells you off, she can do it in such a way that it turns into constructive criticism.

Katarzyna Kaczyńska,
former subordinate

She's gonna be legen… — wait for it — dary!

Barney Stinson,
"How I Met Your Mother"

Katarzyna's interdisciplinary skills allowed for achieving great quality of books. Every aspect of the production process has been improved over the years — she's the kind of person who never stops learning and putting the knowledge to practice.

Adam Jarski,
former employer

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Projects wanted

Ones that would allow me to put my skills to good use and make the most of multi-field experience. I want to develop my managing skills further, possibly by assuming a position of a project manager or any similar role.

I like to feel involved, constitute an important part of the team; one that will give the love back will be the perfect environment to fulfill my destiny and achieve a true greatness!

Come to the dark side, we have COOKIES. All right, I like cookies, om nom nom nom.